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~~Hair Collections~~

These hair collections were imported into moove by me, please do not claim them as your own creations. They are different from any others you will find in moove. I hope you enjoy them and if I can get my hands on some more hair 3d files, i would love to make some more for you!

To download the hair zips, click the link on the bottom of this page & scroll through the files to find the color & style you'd like....color choices are listed in order for each hair to make it easier to find them!

~The Straight Hair Collection~

STRAIGHT HAIR COLOR CHOICES: Silky Pink, Auburn Lights, Pinky, Citrus Burst, Ebony, Blondie Streaks & Pink Burst!


~The Fancy Hair Collection!~

FANCY HAIR COLOR CHOICES: White Blondie, Golden, Black Ebony, Blonde Pink, Silver, Brown Shiny, Blondie, Pumpkin, Black Pink Lights & Black Streaks! 


~The Shorty Hair Collection!~

SHORT HAIR COLOR CHOICES: Dirty Blondie, Red shorty, Black Shorty, Burgundy Wine, Brown Highlights & Pinkie Shorty!


~The Vogue Hair Collection!~

VOGUE COLOR CHOICES: Black Streaks, Cherry Swirls, Blondie, Ebony, Brown Shiny & Highlights!


~The Retro Hair Collection!~

RETRO HAIR COLOR CHOICES: Auburn Lights, Citrus, Grapes, Purple Crush & Leopard!


~The Sassy Hair Collection!~

SASSY HAIR COLOR CHOICES: Black Tips, Burgundy, Blonde Blue,  Pink Parade, Black & Red,  & Wild Plum!


Click here to download the hair files....please scroll through the selections & find the color & style of your choice to download!